These days it's easy to get caught up in the latest fad diet.  It's important to be reminded of what's really important when it comes to buying and eating nutritious fare.  If you stick to the basics, you'll never been confused again.  Plus,  following these tips might just take a load off the 'ol wallet.  You might just have a few bucks to buy that new kitchen gadget you've always wanted. *cough *cough vitamix??


- Eat from the colours of the rainbow
- Avoid the middle of the grocery store- stick to the outsides where fresh produce is kept
- Aim for 2 cups of leafy greens twice daily
- Eat more vegetarian and vegan meals- animal products are expensive, while plants are easy on the wallet
- Buy in bulk, avoid packaging- Bulk Barn and the bulk section of your local grocer will save you a pretty penny especially for nuts, seeds and gluten free flours/grains.
- Cook more, eat out less.  You will know exactly what's in your dish. Also, you can get multiple meals out of the price of one restaurant meal.
- Prepare more than you need to reduce cooking time and leaves you with plenty of leftovers.  
- Spend some of your spare time to cook for the week and freeze extras
- Buy in season and buy locally
- Take your leftovers to work for lunch
- Make your own tea/coffee
- Eat nutrient dense food- you’ll be less hungry.
- Order a produce basket
- Don’t throw out wilted veggies- boil them, strain out the veggies and freeze the veggie
  water in ice cube tray
- Avoid “ready-to-eat” foods. Buying basic food items will be cheaper and healthier