Compelling Reason #1: We Will Review Lab Work With You

No news is not always good news when it comes to your lab work results. Which is why we will sit down with you and go over all your lab work, teach you about the tests performed and what the results mean for you. Because we want to optimize health and prevent disease, we also look for “high-normal” and “low-normal” values and explain how they might be contributing to the way you feel or how they might down the road.

Compelling Reason #2: We're Your Health Advocate

First and foremost, you are your biggest health advocate. However, navigating the complex and sometimes confusing world of medicine can be a challenge.  As your naturopathic doctor, we can work with you to best access the care you need and communicate with other members of your health team.  For instance, if it is discovered that a referral to a medical specialist will help to give you the best care, we can initiate the referral process on your behalf.

Compelling Reason #3: We Listen

I mean, really listen! Most initial naturopathic visits are between one and two hours in length. This gives you ample time to tell your story and it gives us time to get to know you.  We pay attention to your health goals and cater a plan that will work best for you as a unique individual.

Compelling Reason #4: We're Your Medical Investigator

If your not feeling well, we’ll work with you to figure out why.  In this way, we want to know what's at the root of your health concerns.  Naturopathic doctors are trained to view the whole person by fusing western and eastern medical paradigms which gives us a unique perspective on diagnosis and treatment. In addition, we have access to lab services which can help in investigating your health concerns.

Compelling Reason #5: We're Your Health Guide

Sure, the internet can seem like the holy grail of health information, but how do you know what’s right for you? Your naturopathic doctor has detailed knowledge of your medical history and your health concerns.  They are also trained to critically assess health information and research.  This means they can help you make safe and effective medical decisions that are right for you. In essence, they take the guess work out of your health and provide you with a customized plan.