But, due to an unforeseen pregnancy complication, I have been forced into maternity leave starting immediately.

My website and on-going email newsletters will update you as to the exact date of my return to practice which is expected for April 2018.

I will be out of the office and responding to messages in a very limited capacity, but if you have any questions or concerns, I will do my best to respond when it's possible.

With a sincere commitment to providing you with continued quality care during the course of my leave, I am pleased to be referring you to my well-respected colleagues Dr. Cook, Dr. Romero and Dr. Hislop at Healthflow.

You can learn more about these wonderful NDs on our website at

Supplement refills can continue to be placed during office reception hours or through our online dispensary.

I would like to thank you for your understanding and on-going support.

Yours in health,

Dr. Klassen