5 Steps to a Massively Healthy & Harmonious Digestive System


step 1: Undergo a comprehensive Assessment

Your journey begins with a 90 minute appointment with Dr. Klassen where she will get to know you. You'll discuss your health goals, your medical and family history, your values, beliefs and expectations. She may perform a physical exam and suggest follow-up laboratory testing to ensure she is getting an accurate and clear assessment of you, as a whole.

STEP 2: understand why you have digestive troubles

You'll know you're in Step 2 because Dr. Klassen will educate you on her assessment findings including the confirmed and suspected underlying causes of your digestive troubles. Don't be surprised if the causes of your symptoms reach beyond the digestive tract. Remember, the body is all connected!

STEP 3: Get your custom-designed treatment plan

This is the fun part! Your customized treatment plan is designed for you after your initial appointment. It will be discussed, in detail, with you on your next visit. Your plan will include natural solutions to help you reach your health goals including dietary & lifestyle modifications. Additionally, it may include nutritional supplements; herbal medicine; homeopathy; hydrotherapy and/or acupuncture. For more information, see Treatments & Services.

STEP 4: IMPLEMENT the plan

A plan is unhelpful until it's actually being followed. Through education, Dr. Klassen will help you understand the plan and why it's the chosen route for you. On the other hand, she recognizes that you are in the driver's seat of your health. Your feedback and collaboration is invaluable to implementing a plan that you can realistically follow and that you're excited about. 

STEP 5: Monitor & Adjust the plan

Your health journey is not a linear one- there are ebbs & flows during the healing process. Monitoring your progress and adjusting your plan regularly, is vital to your success. Rest assured, you will always feel supported on your path to digestive wellness. 


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